TeleApps has been providing solutions for 100+ customers in Australia over a decade

Who we are

TeleApps started off as a company specialising in telephony based applications in the corporate telephony and contact centre space. TeleApps originated from Australia in March 2007 and it was called ‘TeleApps Consulting’. Since the Australian telephony market was transforming from traditional telephony to unified communications and call centre to contact centre, a company specialising in telephony applications was a welcome change compared to the box selling resellers. The same was realised in other markets and TeleApps started becoming a global brand within a couple of years. Since then, TeleApps has gone through several transformations and growth in Australia and across the globe.

TeleApps in Australia has diversified to become a solution company for enterprise communications and customer experience solutions. This includes technologies like corporate telephony, unified communications, collaboration, corporate networking (wired and wireless), security, telco & WAN services, contact centre and even IT services. TeleApps Australia is now a national ‘one-stop-shop’ solution provider in Australia for all corporate technology needs so that companies can focus on their core business.

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